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Protecting Your Future From Violent Offense Charges

Felonious assault, manslaughter and murder are all extremely serious offenses with equally serious consequences. In addition to the social repercussions of merely being charged with committing such violent crimes, convictions often result in the harshest possible penalties, including heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences. Individuals can be sentenced to life without parole or even death for extreme offenses.

At Noel Law LLC, attorney Gerald Noel is dedicated to providing you with the close, focused counsel you need when facing state or federal charges for harming or killing another person. Mr. Noel will meet with you personally to develop a deep understanding of your situation, and work diligently to address any concerns or questions you may have. Tenacious, trial-tested and thoroughly knowledgeable, protecting your rights and future is his primary goal.

Trusted Experience In Serious Criminal Defense

When an interaction or confrontation becomes violent, events can quickly spiral out of control. In an instant, a mishandled vehicle, thrown punch or discharged firearm can leave the involved parties, or even bystanders, seriously injured or dead.

Ohio broadly defines felonious assault as causing serious physical harm to someone else, or attempting to cause serious physical harm with a deadly weapon. Felonious assault charges can be brought in both state and federal court, as can voluntary or involuntary manslaughter charges.

Voluntary manslaughter includes killing suddenly and without planning – for example, in the midst of an argument – while involuntary manslaughter occurs due to recklessness or negligence – for example, while driving a car or motorcycle.

In Ohio, murder charges can be brought if you have purposefully caused the death of someone else, or caused the death of someone else while you were committing a violent felony. Aggravated murder charges can be brought if the killing is preplanned, if the person killed is under the age of 13, or if the person killed is a law enforcement officer.

When facing these charges, having a criminal defense attorney you trust is essential. Mr. Noel has extensive experience representing clients accused of violent offenses – and has a proven record of obtaining dismissals of charges and ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts. He will work with you directly to evaluate your circumstances, listen carefully to your side of the story and create a legal strategy that can secure justice for you.

The Attorney You Choose Can Change Your Life

If you have been charged with felonious assault, manslaughter or murder in federal or Ohio state courts, or are under investigation for any of these crimes, contact Noel Law LLC immediately. In such consequential litigation, having a respected, capable attorney on your side can make the difference between freedom and life-changing penalties. Don’t wait: call 614-499-6610 or send Mr. Noel an email today.