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More Than An Attorney: A Relentless Ally

If you are facing serious criminal charges in federal or Ohio state courts, you need more than just any attorney. You need a tested, capable ally who can help assert your rights and crack even the most intimidating prosecution arguments. At Noel Law LLC, defense attorney Gerald Noel puts over 30 years of legal experience and a fighter’s mindset to work protecting his clients. Adaptable, respected and relentless, Mr. Noel is confident building robust legal strategies and using them to chip away at state and federal cases – exposing the prosecutions’ flaws, shaping juries and securing justice.

You can learn more about Mr. Noel’s background and credentials by clicking here.

Tested Knowledge And Proven Results

Mr. Noel knows Ohio and federal laws. As a former legislative counselor for the United States House and Senate, he brings a unique background in statutory interpretation to his clients’ cases – allowing him to expose flaws in prosecutors’ or judges’ reasoning, and to ensure juries are not mislead about the protections the law affords his clients.

Moreover, Mr. Noel knows Ohio and federal courts. He has represented clients in over half of Ohio’s 88 counties, as well as before state trial courts in Illinois and Maryland, and before federal district and appellate courts. Mr. Noel uses this experience to his clients’ advantage. Despite his status as a fierce litigator who has won favorable verdicts in cases ranging from drug trafficking to aggravated murder, he is highly regarded as a communicator and negotiator. This reputation enables him to explore all of his clients’ options, and to seek creative solutions to complex charges.

Don’t Wait To Start Building Your Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, or are under investigation for a crime, contact Noel Law LLC immediately. It is essential that you have the vocal, responsive support of a skilled defense attorney when dealing with state and federal law enforcement in any capacity, to ensure you do not create any legal vulnerabilities which could later be exploited to prosecute you.

To schedule your consultation with Noel Law LLC, call 614-499-6610 or send Mr. Noel an email.