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Dedicated Defense For Drug And Gun Charges

In recent years, Ohio roadways have become conduits for interstate drug trafficking. Law enforcement agencies from Sandusky to Scioto counties are cracking down on motorists, searching vehicles and raiding suspected manufacturers with increasing intensity. A conviction for any Ohio felony drug charge can result in prison time and can have serious repercussions for your finances, freedom, and future employment or educational prospects. These consequences can become especially disastrous when drug charges are brought in both state and federal court.

At Noel Law LLC, attorney Gerald Noel provides serious representation for those charged with serious state or federal drug crimes, including possession, manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances. With a thorough knowledge of the law and a formidable reputation in regional courts, Mr. Noel works directly with his clients to provide them with effective, personalized representation that protects their rights.

Combining Drug And Gun Charges Raises The Stakes

Criminal charges for weapons offenses are often brought alongside, or in connection with, drug charges. For example, if you were pulled over by Ohio State Troopers and charged with drug trafficking, you may also have been charged for state weapons offenses for concealing a firearm without a permit, or for possessing a firearm as a previously convicted felon. You could also face federal charges alleging that you crossed state lines with a firearm while intending to commit a felony.

Combining drug and gun charges can significantly complicate your legal situation and raise the risk of conviction. In these cases, having a criminal defense attorney with tested experience and a comprehensive understanding of statutes is essential. Mr. Noel forges compelling arguments which can cut through complex and overlapping charges to persuade juries and secure justice for his clients.

Get The Personalized Representation You Need

If you are facing drug or gun charges in federal or Ohio courts, do not wait to put a driven, dedicated attorney on your case. Mr. Noel will personally evaluate your situation, build a legal strategy that reflects your needs, and get to work putting cracks in even the toughest prosecution cases. To schedule your free consultation, call Mr. Noel at 614-499-6610 or send him an email.