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Smash Serious Charges

When faced with serious criminal charges in Ohio or federal courts, clients trust Noel Law LLC to build a stalwart defense that can shatter prosecution arguments and secure justice.
Gerald Noel
Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Drug And Gun Crimes

Drug And Gun Crimes

Felonious Assault, Self-Defense And Murder

Felonious Assault, Self-Defense And Murder

Serving Ohio With Nearly 30 Years Of Experience

Tough, Tempered Defense Strategies

Serious charges demand serious, seasoned representation. Attorney Gerald Noel brings nearly three decades of experience and an exceptional record of trial results to criminal cases in both federal and Ohio state courts. Tested, trusted and tenacious, he hammers out durable defense strategies and wields them formidably in the courtroom – crushing prosecutors’ arguments and shaping favorable jury opinions. By combining diligent case preparation with proven knowledge of the justice system and unwavering advocacy, Mr. Noel has secured an extensive body of favorable verdicts for his clients – as well as the enduring respect of juries, prosecutors and judges.

An Attorney Who Knows The Law – And The Courts

Mr. Noel uses his unique knowledge of state and federal law to construct sharpened, tempered arguments which can cut through complex charges and withstand determined attacks. A former legislative counselor for the United States House and Senate, he understands how the statutes are structured – and how to use them to his client’s advantage in criminal defense cases.

Perhaps even more important, however, is Mr. Noel’s knowledge of state and federal courts and attorneys. Highly regarded for his professionalism, persuasiveness and commitment to justice, Mr. Noel navigates the legal system with confidence – and with proven skill in securing positive results for his clients.

A Record Of Successful Defense

Over the years I have had Not Guilty Jury verdicts in Aggravated Murder, Murder, Rape, Felonious assault, Robbery, Drug possession, Drug trafficking, Theft of Motor vehicles, and ccw/improper storage of firearm in motor vehicle.

Two people released on judicial release (2022)

Juvenile murder dismissed (01/22)

Felony weapons violations reduced to misdemeanors (11/22)

Felonious assault dismissed (2022)

Five domestic violence dismissed (2022)

Attempted murder dismissed (2/22)

Drug trafficking Belmont county dismissed (3/22)

Drug trafficking Pike county reduced to misdemeanor (5/22)

Two illegal search suppressed (2022)

Forging Tested, Effective Relationships

As a solo attorney, Mr. Noel works directly with his clients – forging close, confidential connections that enable him to deliver effective counsel. Accessible, attentive and adaptable, he responds to urgent concerns and developments whenever and wherever they arise. Moreover, his emphasis on communication enables his clients to understand their options through every stage of the legal process.

For personalized representation against serious criminal charges, trust Noel Law LLC. Mr. Noel is prepared to represent clients before all Ohio and federal trial courts, as well as before courts of appeal.

Gerald Noel